Entire Family Gathers Around Dalmatian To Witness Something Spectacular… Keep You Eyes On The Dog

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    One of the most treasured bonds you can experience is a relationship with your family dog. These furry friends become treasured members of your family. They live in your home, they travel with you and bring you joy (or frustration) each day. Many families take hundreds of photos and videos to post in their homes or share with the world. Video of one joyful Dalmatian is going viral after she stuck a special pose for her dad.

    A Beloved Dog Breed for Generations 

    It’s no secret that Dalmatians are awesome. This breed is so beloved that there’s even several classic movies about them, including Disney’s classic film 101 Dalmatians, which has entertained families for several generations.

    Animation Fascination

    Great with Families

    Dalmatians have a ton of charm and are great family dogs. But it’s not just the breed’s personality that draws attention. People love them because of their patterned coat that includes black and white spots.

    Dalmatian Welfare