Kardashians: The Unknown Early Years

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    Even if you are not a fan, it is hard to look away from the rumors and gossip that follow the wealthy family. And safe to say there are many of them. From Kim’s bold magazine cover to Khloe’s real biological father, even if you don’t watch the show you most likely are aware of all the drama, since it is plastered all over our television sets, smartphones, tablets and computers.



    The O.J. Simpson connection

    While it may seem like the Kardashian-Jenner family has always been famous, it isn’t quite true. But don’t be fooled, the Kardashian clan certainly lived a very wealthy and privileged childhood in their Beverly Hills mansion. Thanks to their late father, Robert Kardashian, who rose to fame after defending his friend O.J. Simpson in one of the most iconic trials of all American history.



    Uncle O.J.

    The Kardashians became famous when Robert’s best friend (and then client) O.J. Simpson was arrested for murdering his wife, and Kris’ best friend, Nicole Brown Simpson. The Kardashian children called the couple “Uncle O.J.” and “Aunt Nicole” and saw them as part of their family. When the kids found out that their ‘aunt’ had died, they were left confused and devastated. The courtroom saga became television’s most-watched trial of American history.



    Tough divorce

    The perfect Kardashian family fell apart after Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian ended their marriage in 1991. Kardashian accused Jenner of being unfaithful. He allegedly walked in on Jenner while she was in bed with soccer player Todd Waterman, who was 10 years younger than Jenner. Kardashian was so upset about the affair that the court feared he was a threat to his family. Therefore, Jenner was granted temporary custody of the children. Jenner also accused Kardashian of abusing her emotionally and even argued that Robert should be banned from their house.


    Rich before the fame

    Years before the Kardashian clan were dominating your TVs, computers and phones with their presence, they were just a regular normal family. Well, maybe not so normal. Their father was in fact Robert Kardashian, who became quite famous for defending O.J. Simpson in one of the most well-known trials of all time. So the Kardashians maybe didn’t grow up with as much fame and money as they have now, but they were always pretty well-off thanks to their Dad.


    Glamorous childhood

    The Kardashians had a pretty good life. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob all grew up in an ultra-exclusive neighborhood in Beverly Hills. Their mansion had a giant swimming pool, tennis court, Jacuzzi and even their own bar by the pool. The family had a housekeeper who took care of all the shopping, cleaning and cooking. The Kardashians were known for throwing the most extravagant and glamorous parties in their neighborhood. Kris Jenner would often spend her days out with friends while her kids were at their private schools.


    Almost twins

    Kim and her older sister Kourtney were very close in age with only two years between them. They even wore adorable matching outfits all the time. Many people often thought the sisters were twins. Even though they lived in a spacious mansion with plenty of rooms which could have easily fit all of the Kardashian children, the two sisters decided to share a bedroom so that they could always be close to each other.


    Weekend guests

    On the weekends, the Kardashians had their celebrity friends over for a game of tennis and dinner. Boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard, singer Lionel Richie and the football player O.J. Simpson often visited the Kardashians to gather around the barbecue to relax and tell stories. Kim and Kourtney invited their former classmates Paris and Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie, Kimberly Stewart (daughter of Rod Stewart) and T.J. Jackson (nephew of Michael Jackson) over to their house and often sat around their olympic-sized swimming pool.


    Traveling the world

    If the Kardashian family ever got sick of their Beverly Hills mansion, they could always look forward to their annual vacations. The Kardashians often spent spring break at Robert’s parents’ holiday home in Palm Springs, skied in Colorado for Thanksgiving, and went to Mexico or Hawaii whenever they felt like it. The Kardashians were definitely living the life of the rich and famous, well before their reality TV show. They were the kind of family that others admired and wished to be.


    Born into wealth

    Robert Kardashian also grew up with very wealthy parents. His family made millions in the meat packing industry in California. Robert’s grandparents fled to California from Armenia in 1913. He was raised with privilege but still wanted a career for himself. He decided against joining the family business and became a lawyer and entrepreneur instead. He bought a Rolls Royce when he was still in his twenties, all with his own money.


    Religious family

    It was very important to Robert that all of his children held pride in their Armenian heritage and Christian background. Robert said his morning prayers by his bed everyday, and made sure the family said grace before every meal. He would tell bedtime stories to his children using tales from the Bible. Robert and his wife Kris attended weekly Bible studies at the house of the famous 50s heartthrob, Pat Boone, where the couple would meet up with their celebrity neighbors like Priscilla Presley and Doris Day.


    Traumatized and hurt

    The divorce took quite a toll on the Kardashian children, especially the two older sisters. Kim recalled her and her two sisters crying hysterically when they heard the news. They both loved their devoted father dearly and didn’t want their family to be split up. One day Kim found her mother crying and was so upset that she refused to go to school. Kim even called her mother constantly, begging her to come home and get back together with her dad.


    New marriage

    It is safe to say Kris moved on pretty quickly. Only one month after their divorce, Kris Kardashian became Kris Jenner after marrying the Olympian athlete Bruce Jenner. The couple had a very small and personal wedding. Kris already had a giant wedding the first time with Robert, so this time she decided for something more intimate. Even though Robert was hurt, Kris introduced Bruce Jenner to her 4 children and they started their new life together as a new family. Their marriage lasted 22 years until they finally split and Bruce became Caitlyn.


    Khloe’s real father?

    Not only was O.J. close with the Kardashian family, it has even been rumored that he is the biological father of one of them. Many people believe that Khloe is actually the daughter of O.J. Simpson. The Kardashians and Simpsons were very close, and often vacationed together. Kris had also previously admitted to having an affair during the time Khloe was conceived. While it remains a mystery, Khloe decided not to take a DNA test and told the press that she is positive her real father is Robert, not O.J.


    New family

    During their teenage years, Kim and Kourtney had to split their time between Robert’s house and Kris’ new house which she shared with her new husband, Bruce Jenner. Although it took a long time for the girls to accept their new stepfather, they eventually realized Bruce’s kind intentions and big heart and let him into their lives. The new Kardashian-Jenner family household grew a lot bigger after sisters Kendall and Kylie were born, only two years apart, in 1995 and 1997. The children also gained two new step-brothers Brandon and Brody and a step sister, Casey.


    Tragedy bringing them closer

    Shortly after O.J. was found not guilty, Kim had to face another violent murder in her life. At the time, she was dating her first true love, T.J. Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew. Only weeks after the O.J. trial had ended, T.J.’s mother DeeDee was found dead in a swimming pool. The tragic event only brought the couple closer together and they dated throughout high school. Kim still thinks of T.J. as her first real love.


    Brand new wheels

    The Kardashian children enjoyed a very privileged life throughout their teens. They were the most popular kids in the school, especially Kim. For Kim’s 16th birthday she was given a brand new white BMW 318 saloon. Her father gave her the car under one condition, that she signed a contract stating that she would be responsible for paying for any repairs. Weeks later, Kim was stuck in traffic and as she reached down to grab her lipstick, she read-ended the car in front of her. She had to take a job at a nearby boutique to pay for the damage herself, just like she agreed with her father.


    Private school

    Kourtney, Kim and Khloe all attended Marymount High School, a private catholic all-girls school in Bel-Air. There are many celebrity alumni of the exclusive school including: Mariska Harigtay, Tatyana Ali, Mia Farrow, Giada De Laurentiis and Marie Digby. Khloe left the school her senior year after both of her sisters had already graduated. She felt as if she didn’t fit in with the preppy rich girls who studied there, not as well as her sisters had.


    Khloe’s rebellious past

    While Kim and Kourtney were the sweet, well-behaved daddy’s girls, their younger sister Khloe was quite the opposite. She even recently admitted that she was a real rebel. On her website she wrote, “I was a very naughty teenager, I have been grounded more times than I can remember.” She continued, “I used to sneak out in the middle of the night to go to parties. I stole my parents’ cars when I was underage and got into a lot of trouble for that. I was very bad for no reason!”



    Kim and Paris Hilton were best friends since preschool. They grew up in the same wealthy neighborhood and each came from equally wealthy families. When Kim told Paris she wanted to be a celebrity stylist, Paris helped her out by introducing her to all of her celebrity friends. As Kim became more famous, even more famous than her mentor Paris Hilton, Paris became extremely jealous and their long friendship sadly ended.


    Robert’s death

    Twelve years after Jenner and Kardashian split, Robert Kardashian was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He passed away only eight weeks after his diagnosis in September 2003. Despite their rough history, Jenner was devastated at the loss of her ex-husband. In an interview Jenner said, “It was so surreal, the knowledge he had cancer was one thing, but to think it would actually take his life I never in a million years thought that would happen to him.”


    Khloe’s reaction

    After Robert’s death, the whole Kardashian family mourned. Khloe became so stressed following her father’s death that most of her hair fell out. She needed to wear wigs and extensions for a long time before her hair finally started to grow back. She also said that she lost control of her eating habits and gained a lot of weight. Khloe says in an interview, “I gained so much weight because I was so internally, just suppressing so many things that it was like eating me alive. And I was literally eating everything.”


    Kourtney’s education

    When it came time for Kourtney to go to college, she decided to be a lawyer just like her father. She even applied to several law schools until she ultimately decided not to go. She eventually graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Spanish. However, Kourtney failed two college courses during her college career due to her tremendous fear of public speaking. It is surprising considering she now is a reality TV star.


    Star athlete

    Rob attended Buckley High School, a private school located in Sherman Oaks, CA. In High School, he was quite the athlete. He won multiple competitions for cross country. While running was his forte, it wasn’t the only sport he excelled in. He was also on the school’s basketball team. After graduating from High School, Rob continued his education at University of Southern California, where he graduated from the Marshall School of Business.


    Kim’s day job

    Unlike her older sister, Kim decided against going to college after she graduated from Marymount High School. Instead, she continued to pursue her dreams of becoming a celebrity stylist. She always had a flare for fashion, even before she became one of the world’s style icons. Before Kim was as famous as she is today, she worked styling celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Brandy. And this is how she met Brandy’s brother…


    Making headlines

    In 2007, Kim and Brandy’s brother Ray J made headlines when their rather personal romantic video became public. Kim filed a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment, who leaked the tape under the name of Kim K Superstar. In the end, Kardashian dropped her lawsuit and settled for a whopping $5 million. Little did she know, this tape and lawsuit drama would pave the way for her career and ultimate fame.


    Dirty rumors

    It is rumored that Kim wasn’t as shocked by the tape’s leak as she seemed. One theory claims that Kim’s mom-anager Kris Jenner signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment and approved of the video, along with Kim and Ray J. Kim settled with Vivid shortly after she filed the lawsuit, all of this happened right before the first season of KUWTK premiered. Is this just all one big coincidence? Let’s hope so.


    Calling the press

    The rumor of Kim and Ray J’s tape wasn’t the first time Kim was accused for seeking the media’s attention. Kim clearly wanted to rise to fame as quickly as possible, no matter what it took. Nick Lachey, from the boy band 98 Degrees, once said that while he was dating Kim (before she was famous) she informed paparazzi of their location so that she could be photographed with the famous boyband hottie. Nice one Kim!


    Sister sister

    Unlike their older half sisters and brother, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were already quite famous from their appearances on KUWTK. The two sisters were both cheerleaders at Sierra Canyon School until they both decided to switch to homeschooling. Here’s a fun fact, Kylie actually was a huge fan of Tyga when she was a young teenager. She even had him perform at her 16th birthday party! Little did she know that she would be dating the rapper only a few year later.



    No self-esteem

    Although you would assume now famous supermodel Kendall Jenner was the most popular girl in her school, she actually admitted on her website that she had no confidence growing up. She told readers that school was very hard for her because of her problem with acne. “It completely ruined my self-esteem,” she wrote “I wouldn’t even look at people when I talked to them.” It was so bad that she had to seek medical help by dermatologist Dr. Christie Kidd in order to clear up her face.


    Kim’s beauty secrets

    From an early age, Kim Kardashian was always obsessed with fashion and makeup – which isn’t surprising, considering she grew up around the rich and famous. When she was just 14-years-old, her father paid for Kim to go to beauty school so she could learn the ins and outs of hair and makeup. Well, that decision definitely paid off, as Kim now has her own (ridiculously successful) beauty line and is revered by makeup artists around the world.


    The Neverland birthday party

    When you’re the child of a millionaire, it’s unlikely that you’ll have your birthday party at the local Dave & Buster’s. Oh no. The Kardashian Klan had the kind of birthday parties that would put all of ours to shame. They had huge cakes, they had enough balloons to levitate your house, and they had them in some of the coolest locations. However, they weren’t all great. For her 14th birthday party, Kim and her friends enjoyed what Michael Jackson’s Neverland had to offer. We’re sure it was fun while they were there… but… y’know… it’s Neverland…


    Kourtney’s first job

    Let’s be honest; our first jobs were the worst. Many of us flip burgers, wait tables, serve drinks, make coffee and basically hate every second of it. Although the Kardashian children didn’t need to work to make money when they were younger (they had enough as it was), Robert Kardashian encouraged his children to make their own cash to understand the value of money. However, that doesn’t mean they were flipping burgers, too. In fact, Kourtney’s first job was on a movie set as a production assistant.


    His baby blankie

    It’s no secret that Rob Kardashian Jr. is the forgotten Kardashian – because really, it’s all about Kim, Kourtney and Khloe – and sometimes Kris. Sure, he’s had a bit of drama recently (a bit? Okay, A LOT), but he was kinda left out as a youngster. This may have led to his pretty unusual sleeping habits. When he was younger, Rob used to sleep with his baby blanket. Rumor has it that he still sleeps with it today…


    A favorite sibling

    With so many brothers, sisters, half-brothers, and half-sisters in the Kardashian klan, it really is hard to keep up with the Kardashian/Jenners – and we don’t even want to think about how busy their social calendar is. However, it seems Rob would clear his calendar for one of his sisters – but only one of them. During an interview, Rob Kardashian confirmed that his favorite sister was Kylie Jenner. Whether that’s still true considering all of the Rob/Chyna/Kylie/Tyga drama, we’re not sure.


    The reality show idea

    Although they were pretty famous to begin with, the Kardashian’s true fame stems from their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. At first, Kris was not sold on the idea of having cameras follow their every move and intrude on their home life, but soon changed her mind after a friend of hers called her family ‘entertaining and crazy.’ We’re not convinced that was a compliment, Kris. Nevertheless, it all worked out for the best – even though we still think they’re crazy.


    Keeping Up With the Kardashians

    The Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality show is now one of the most popular shows in the world – but what if we told you the name was just an afterthought? In fact, the show was still nameless just a few days before it aired, as Ryan Seacrest just couldn’t decide on the right name for the show. The decision to call the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians came after a producer complained that she was so tired of having to ‘keep up’ with the family. Genius.


    Remembering her early years

    In 2001, Khloe Kardashian was involved in a horrific car crash. The force of the impact was so strong she was sent flying through the car windshield and was seriously injured. The accident did not only affect her physically, but it also affected her memory. After the accident, Khloe struggled to remember huge parts of her childhood, as if the moments had been simply wiped from her memory. She enlisted the help of a hypnotherapy expert to help her retrieve her memories but has had no luck so far.


    Give us a smooch

    Before the family rose to mega-fame with their reality TV show, Kris Jenner and Kourtney had different plans. The pair were running Smooch, their children’s clothing store and had planned to expand their brand to more premises. The show put a halt to that dream, but they soon picked it back up again after the initial success of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kourtney then opened a second store called Dash with Kim and Khloe, and now have numerous stores across the country.


    All black everything

    You may have noticed that Kourtney Kardashian has a thing for black clothing, and she’s rarely seen in any other color than black. However, it seems as if this new color scheme (or lack of it) is not something she’s picked up in her later years. Instead, she’s worn black for years. After her mother and father separated, Kourtney refused to wear anything other than black clothing for a full five years after the divorce was finalized. Well, we can’t deny her consistency.


    O.J.’s BFF

    Robert Kardashian was not only O.J. Simpson’s lawyer who eventually helped him win the case. Him and Kris were actually very close friends with O.J. and his wife, who he was accused of killing, Nicole Brown Simpson. Although Robert was an attorney, he hadn’t practiced law in 20 years and defended O.J. just to be a good friend. After the murder, O.J. stayed at the Kardashian’s home. Robert and Kris even gave Kendall the middle name “Nicole” after O.J.’s late wife.


    Family’s net worth

    With all the fame and success that follows this family’s name, it isn’t surprising that they are worth millions of dollars. As of 2017, the Kardashian-Jenner family has an estimated net worth of $450 million! It is only rising everyday as they somehow become more famous (and more in general) as the years go by. Their income is not just from their TV shows…clothing lines, makeup products, apps, novels, video games and even their own line of socks is just some of what makes up this family’s worth.



    The start of their TV fame

    On October 14, 2007 the first season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired. Ryan Seacrest was the one who first had the idea to film the family. Inspired by the hit reality show The Osbournes, Seacrest set out to find a new famous family. The Kardashians were interested and Seacrest sent someone to their house to film their family barbecue. Seacrest absolutely loved what he saw, a large fun family with so much love for one another, so he rushed the video to E! and the rest is history.