These Celebrities Fought Hard Against Drugs And Addiction, But Eventually Lost Everything

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    Our obsession with celebrities is a phenomenon as old as the moving picture. For some reason, a switch flips in our brains when we see someone on a screen that makes us want to know everything possible about that person and what they’re doing every single day.

    But the pressure of constantly being in the public eye can have an adverse effect on celebrities, most of whom are just regular people trying to live normal lives when they’re off-set.

    Some stars turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with those pressures. Living the life of luxury isn’t as glamorous as many of us realize. Here are a few of the celebrities who let drugs and alcohol have an adverse effect on their careers, and even their lives.


    The Tale Of Corey Feldman

    Wikimedia Commons

    In the 1980s, Corey Feldman was one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Everywhere you turned in the teen to pre-teen market, he was there. He was the guy.

    But he slowly slipped into drug addiction and all hopes for a successful adult career vanished. One of Feldman’s Stand By Me co-stars suffered a far worse fate.